Cydney Hill

About me
and my process

Helping others to succeed is my calling

Highly passionate and goal-driven, Cydney Hill is a spearheading STEM Professional and social entrepreneur whose underlying mission is to deliver the African American community the innovative technology tools they need to thrive within the industry. As the Founder and Owner of CMH Management and 2 Minute Teachables, she enjoys leveraging her extensive background to offer students & adult learners the support they deserve to unlock their full potential and increase the number of people in STEM fields.

Born and raised in Detroit’s beautiful city, Cydney has always had a deep admiration for the diverse STEM occupations. Furthermore, as a Detroit native, she had strong commitment, resilience, and unparalleled grit instilled in her at a young age, which are all core characteristics that helped position her to become the leading professional she is today.

Every opportunity is an option to grow

Nothing makes Cydney happier than motivating others through her own experiences and providing fellow STEM enthusiasts the fundamental technology tools, inspiration, and guidance they require to cultivate successful futures. She has a true ardency for her career, values integrity and authenticity, and demonstrates her dedication through her qualified, empathetic, and compassionate services at CMH Management. Along with her devotion to transforming the education industry as a whole, this will solidify the confidence that STEM career objectives for students are in the best possible hands for them to prosper.

My vision and strategy

Cydney loves what she does and takes pride in raising the standards bar for the Black STEM community. However, when she is not advancing her educational space, you can find her performing as a member of the Association for Talent Development Detroit Chapter and Connect 313 or studying for her Master of Learning, Technology, and Design at Wayne State University. She also enjoys acrylic Dutch pouring and making lattes at home.

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